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Spring has arrived and it’s the start of the peak hiring season!

But not all recruiters and talent acquisition teams are looking forward to this time of year. With the ongoing talent shortage, it’s becoming more and more difficult for recruiters to fill certain positions, such as IT experts, software engineers and sales experts.

This is where passive candidates, who are currently employed and aren’t looking for a new position, become interesting. Although they aren’t surfing job boards, they may still consider a new position if the right opportunity arises.

So, if you’re not already looking for passive candidates, here are 5 key reasons why you should start:

1.) Almost everyone wants to hear from you

Recruiters – good news. A recent Hubspot Survey revealed that 90% of professionals are interested in hearing about new job opportunities. Now it’s up to you to attract and recruit those passive candidates! Understand their skills, abilities, experience and career aspirations: You can only convince them if they’re the right fit!


2.) They are more successful

According to Ideal, passive candidates are 120% more likely to want to create a positive impact on the workforce. Also, they’re 33% more likely to want challenging work. In fact, the higher the qualifications of the candidates are, the more passive they will be about searching for new career opportunities. In other words, top candidates no longer apply from their own initiative. They expect to be approached by you!

3.) They have the required skills

When looking out for passive candidates, you can avoid the effort of interviewing multiple candidates, who may have applied, but end up not truly having the skill set you’re looking for. So why not just pick up the reins yourself? Ensure that all candidates possess the specific abilities and know-how you are looking for!


4.) Less competition

Because these candidates aren’t actively looking for work, they most likely won’t be interviewing with tons of companies. This means less competition for you!


5.) They are more honest

Because your passive candidates are already employed, they are typically more truthful with their resumes and less likely to exaggerate their skills and abilities. After all, they didn’t ask for a new job opportunity – you offered it to them!

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