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Spring has arrived and it’s the start of the peak hir­ing sea­son!

But not all recruiters and tal­ent acqui­si­tion teams are look­ing for­ward to this time of year. With the ongo­ing tal­ent short­age, it’s becom­ing more and more dif­fi­cult for recruiters to fill cer­tain posi­tions, such as IT experts, soft­ware engi­neers and sales experts.

This is where pas­sive can­di­dates, who are cur­rent­ly employed and aren’t look­ing for a new posi­tion, become inter­est­ing. Although they aren’t surf­ing job boards, they may still con­sid­er a new posi­tion if the right oppor­tu­ni­ty aris­es.

So, if you’re not already look­ing for pas­sive can­di­dates, here are 5 key rea­sons why you should start:

1.) Almost every­one wants to hear from you

Recruiters – good news. A recent Hub­spot Sur­vey revealed that 90% of pro­fes­sion­als are inter­est­ed in hear­ing about new job oppor­tu­ni­ties. Now it’s up to you to attract and recruit those pas­sive can­di­dates! Under­stand their skills, abil­i­ties, expe­ri­ence and career aspi­ra­tions: You can only con­vince them if they’re the right fit!


2.) They are more suc­cess­ful

Accord­ing to Ide­al, pas­sive can­di­dates are 120% more like­ly to want to cre­ate a pos­i­tive impact on the work­force. Also, they’re 33% more like­ly to want chal­leng­ing work. In fact, the high­er the qual­i­fi­ca­tions of the can­di­dates are, the more pas­sive they will be about search­ing for new career oppor­tu­ni­ties. In oth­er words, top can­di­dates no longer apply from their own ini­tia­tive. They expect to be approached by you!

3.) They have the required skills

When look­ing out for pas­sive can­di­dates, you can avoid the effort of inter­view­ing mul­ti­ple can­di­dates, who may have applied, but end up not tru­ly hav­ing the skill set you’re look­ing for. So why not just pick up the reins your­self? Ensure that all can­di­dates pos­sess the spe­cif­ic abil­i­ties and know-how you are look­ing for!


4.) Less com­pe­ti­tion

Because these can­di­dates aren’t active­ly look­ing for work, they most like­ly won’t be inter­view­ing with tons of com­pa­nies. This means less com­pe­ti­tion for you!


5.) They are more hon­est

Because your pas­sive can­di­dates are already employed, they are typ­i­cal­ly more truth­ful with their resumes and less like­ly to exag­ger­ate their skills and abil­i­ties. After all, they didn’t ask for a new job oppor­tu­ni­ty – you offered it to them!

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