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Recruiters- with Millennials and Generation Z making up almost half of the population, targeting this group for your company’s open positions is crucial. However, this can turn out to be a tricky task when trying to find the best talent available. Below we have outlined 5 key elements that you should be aware of in order to attract Millennial and Generation Z job candidates.

1.) Get social:

Millennials and Generation Z grew up with smartphones, laptops and social media networks being the norm. Get social by staying up-to-date with the social trends and using these platforms to approach and reach out to candidates online. The focus should lie on relationships and opportunities for an interesting and exciting career. In fact, Talentwunder can help you identify exactly those networks, which your target audience is present on!


2.) Simplify the application process:

The problem of job candidates abandoning online applications continues to plague the recruiting industry. According to CareerBuilder, 60% of job seekers quit filling in their online job application because of their length and complexity.  Since Millennials and Gen Z candidates are in high demand, you should try to keep the application process as simple as possible.


3.) Focus on your employer brand:

As stated by a recent Gallup report, “Millennials behave as consumers of workplaces, shopping around for the jobs that best align with their needs and life goals”. For any company looking to recruit young talent, this means one thing: A strong employer brand is more important than ever! Use your employees as ambassadors for your organization, emphasize the fun part of working at your company not only on your website, but also on social media and prove to your target audience that you’re the best employer out there! Check out Google, GE or Salesforce for some inspiration for great employer branding!


4.) Provide workplace flexibility:

Millennials and Gen Z candidates place a higher value on non-tangibles than they do on tangibles, i.e. compensation. So, instead of emphasizing salary, make sure to focus on intangible values, such as career advancement opportunities, the company culture, or the employer’s flexible work policy. Given their comfort with digital technology that allows them to work anytime and anywhere, it is no surprise that the large majority of young professionals value flex time and telecommuting.


5.) Talk beyond the tasks:

Today’s employees want to do much more than the daily job requirements. They want to be part of the larger work environment – share ideas, network with colleagues, learn new skills and be part of the greater good. To keep them interested, talk about how they will be challenged by the work and acquire new skills.


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