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Pricing and Plans

Clever Sourcing

This package contains the following services

Sourcing with more than 1 billion profiles

Identify with BigData Scoring

Talentpools for strategic Sourcing

Project management

Enterprise Sourcing

This package includes all the services from the Enterprise Sourcing package and the following


working together on projects, sharing profiles and updates on project progress

Included in all plans


Access to 50+ networks


Unlimited searches


Intelligent filters


Customer support


Candidate change forecast


Candidate mobility analysis


Team collaboration


Smart talent pools

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Frequently asked questions

What is talent sourcing?

Talent sourcing or direct sourcing is a proactive recruiting technique to find, nurture, and hire talent for current or future positions.

What is Talentwunder?

Talentwunder is a global talent search engine that helps recruiters and talent acquisition teams find skilled talent online from over 1.6 billion profiles and more than 50 networks.

Does Talentwunder work in my region?

It sure does! Talentwunder is a global talent search engine, so it works anywhere people create profiles online.

Can I search Talentwunder’s networks using Boolean Search Operators?

Yes! With Talentwunder, you can search through all networks using Boolean Search Operators. We also offer an unlimited number of characters for your search strings and advanced search templates to help you get started.

Can I contact candidates directly ?

Yes! Every search result includes a direct link to the candidate’s profile(s).

Can I collaborate with my team?

Yes! You can collaborate with your team on the entire sourcing process and even include your hiring managers when the time is right.

Is there a restriction for the number of searches I can perform?

Not at all! We offer unlimited search capabilities so you can find the right people to fill your roles no matter how specific their skills or experiences need to be.

Can I post jobs with Talentwunder?

Not exactly, Talentwunder is a global talent search engine to search for candidates, not to post jobs.

Who should I reach out to for help?

Our Sales team and Customer Success team are here to help. Get in contact with them below.

Can multiple colleagues test Talentwunder at the same time?

Yes! We offer trial accounts for everyone on your team.

How does the change probability help me?

To help you source more efficiently, our algorithms calculate the willingness of a candidate to change his or her job based on predictive analytics and social signals. Candidates with a high change probability will usually answer you faster and reduce your time to hire.

How does the probability of someone moving help me?

Our mobility analysis score brings candidates to the top of your search who are more open to relocating for a new position. This score can also efficiently increase your search radius.

What is the advantage of using Talentwunder compared to a single solution like LinkedIn?

On networks like Linkedin, you are competing with thousands of recruiters for the same talent. These candidates probably receive dozens of InMails everyday and are less likely to respond. With Talentwunder, you can find candidates where they are active online, like Facebook or GitHub, and where most recruiters are not looking. You get to reach the best talent on new networks everyday!

More questions? We’re happy to answer them!