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Man­age your com­plete Sourc­ing Work­flow with one Solu­tion.


Direct­ly access over 1 bil­lion pro­files
Gain insights from over 80 net­works and plat­forms



Dis­cov­er all rel­e­vant can­di­dates with arti­fi­cial sourc­ing intel­li­gence across all net­works



Cen­tral­ly man­age and con­trol all sourc­ing process­es
Col­lab­o­rate with all involved col­leges and gath­er feed­back



Cre­ate and devel­op cross-net­work tal­ent pools
Fill open posi­tions more effi­cient­ly



the Tal­en­twun­der Sourc­ing Man­age­ment Solu­tion
the Lead­ing Active Sourc­ing Soft­ware Solu­tion

Talentwunder connects companies with the best talents.

Search­ing in just a sin­gle net­work puts unnec­es­sary con­straints on sourc­ing; nowa­days can­di­dates are active on a wide vari­ety of net­works. They share infor­ma­tion and research find­ings, respond to ques­tions, and take part in big data, design and hack­er com­pe­ti­tions. At the same time, they release diverse items of infor­ma­tion per­ti­nent to sourc­ing; inter­ests, skills, job titles and com­pa­nies. Tal­en­twun­der gives com­pa­nies direct access to over 1 bil­lion pro­files, insights and data from over 80 net­works. With this broad, net­work-inde­pen­dent cov­er­age, sourcers can access the best tal­ents and
link to them direct­ly.

Talentwunder has 80+ networks

How do you identify engineers in scientific networks? Which search terms work for design, IT, sales, or financial control positions?

Tal­en­twun­der has devel­oped LEA, a unique arti­fi­cial sourc­ing intel­li­gence, based on the needs of sourcers and linked with data from over 80 net­works. Through analy­sis of over 1 bil­lion pro­files, LEA under­stands search terms and rec­om­mends relat­ed key words, skills and job titles. This great­ly expands the scope of every search query. More pre­cise, broad­er range, sharp­er focus. Bet­ter iden­ti­fi­ca­tion trough our arti­fi­cial sourc­ing intel­li­gence LEA.

Talentwunder has 80+ networks

Sourcing is a process; sourcing is teamwork; sourcing is significantly more than just searching – sourcing must be professionally managed in order to be effective and GDPR-compliant.

A sourc­ing solu­tion must map a company’s deci­sion-mak­ing process­es, facil­i­tate fast and sim­ple coor­di­na­tion and be capa­ble of man­ag­ing every activ­i­ty relat­ing to a can­di­date or a project in one cen­tral loca­tion. With Tal­en­twun­der, teams organ­ise their search process­es across depart­ments in joint projects and can define the steps indi­vid­u­al­ly. Activ­i­ties can be estab­lished, sched­uled and assigned – every step with­in Tal­en­twun­der is doc­u­ment­ed in sep­a­rate candidate’s time­line. Man­ag­ing these process­es inde­pen­dent­ly of any net­work makes sourc­ing con­sid­er­ably more trans­par­ent and effi­cient, and thus bet­ter.

Talentwunder has 80+ networks

When competing for the best talent, the winning company is the one that can build a successful and direct relationship with its target group early on.

With the Sourc­ing Man­age­ment Solu­tion, recruit­ing teams can inte­grate rel­e­vant can­di­dates direct­ly into a tal­ent pool. These pools are con­stant­ly updat­ed and are the basis for fill­ing posi­tions faster and more effi­cient­ly.

Talentwunder has 80+ networks

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