General Data Protection Regulation.

Talentwunder is a multiple award-winning, Active Sourcing software that helps companies find the best employees worldwide.

As a talent search engine, we collect and aggregate information from public and other freely available sources on the Internet to this end. The data processed on our platform is exclusively drawn from publicly accessible sources, such as search engines, social networks and/or business portals.

The protection of personal data and transparency in handling these is very important to us. Therefore, we collect, process and use personal data in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation and supplementary national legal regulations. Our company is advised and monitored by an appointed data protection officer in the implementation of data protection.

Any person may receive a copy of their profile and the information collected about them. In the event that a person finds that their profile is incomplete or that factual information about them or their company is incorrect, they may request that their profile be completed, corrected or deleted.

We will accept and implement the proposed addition, correction or deletion after receiving reasonable evidence of the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided and if the information submitted meets our quality criteria and internal guidelines for compilation and accuracy of information.

Please use the contact details below to assert your rights. When doing so, please ensure that we are able to uniquely identify you.

Talentwunder Datenschutzzertifikat 2024
Talentwunder GDPR Data Protection

Name and address of our Data Protection Officer

SECUWING GmbH & Co. KG | Datenschutz Agentur
Maximilian Hartung
Frauentorstr. 9
86152 Augsburg / Germany
Phone: +49 821 90786450