Prices: Sourcing as a Service.

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Lower spending. More candidates.
Active sourcing as a service with Talentwunder.

Sure, you can spend up to €1,000 on a job ad and wait for the right candidates to come to you. Or you can book our insourcing and let our recruiters support you with active sourcing. In the end, you comfortably select the right candidates and save up to 50% of the costs compared to a classic recruiting process.

Packages *

No additional costs for multiple staffing.

*  Plus one-time 588 € TW-Expert license for project dashboard and talent pool access Ι 12 months term Ι payment: with 1st project start

Prices (net) plus VAT

A Selection Of Eexcellent Decision-Makers.

More than 4,000 HR professionals already work with Talentwunder every day. Come be a part of our community, too! We look forward to meeting you and finding the right talent for your company together.

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